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Clients & Industries

Digital Asset Management and the Modern Digital Supply Chain are not limited to a single industry.  Chromata Solutions works with clients across multiple verticals, each with their own unique requirements and expectations.  When working with any client, brand new or returning, Chromata Solutions respects and considers all needs equally. 

At Chromata Solutions, client confidentiality is paramount.  In fact, it's one of our Core Values and a main reason so many of our clients come to us for help in solving their DAM and digital supply chain problems. 


You will not see an "Our Clients" list on our website because Chromata Solutions does not post client names.  We believe that respecting privacy and confidentiality is as important as anything we do for our clients.

Video Editing

Media & Entertainment

From raw content to the finished product, success in the media and entertainment industry is rooted in the handling, storing, and distribution of digital media. Without the right asset management tools, processes, and training, an organization cannot support the often-changing needs of the media industry. Media Asset Management, Traffic & Scheduling, Video Production Workflow, Production Asset Management, and Origination Relocation are some of the areas that the media industry must understand and maintain for success.

Circular Library


Archivists have long dealt with significant quantities of material and data, but today’s volumes are increasing exponentially. Not only is society busy preserving the past through digitization processes, but the volumes of born-digital material are staggering. Digital storage, rights management, and maintaining accurate metadata are just some of the challenges faced by Archivists today.

Aluminum Supplier


Accurate product data is vital to the manufacturing industry. Specialized production assets must be accessible to the right groups at the right times.  Design, marketing, sales, and fulfillment all require access to product information at different stages in the manufacturing and sales process. The ability to control access to WIP data is essential to the success of a manufacturer.

government office


Government agencies generate high quantities of digital assets. Storage, security, and accessibility are major concerns. Reducing the use of multiple systems and manual data management can help streamline the processes and cut back on work hours required to keep the systems running. Needs assessments and training can assist in understanding and developing the right methods to manage and keep safe government digital assets.

Exhibition Space


Museums and other cultural heritage institutes face the challenge of drawing audiences into their establishments, while competing against many easily accessible mobile media platforms.  Audience expectations, accessibility, as well as internal alignment of digital strategies are driving digital transformation in the museum world. Transformations require strong project management strategies, along with an understanding of the tools and technology needed for success.

Marketing team meeting


As most current marketing initiatives are born, utilized, and measured digitally, the need for solid creative operations processes have grown. Developing a union between creative output, efficiency, and technology, through various tools, methods, and systems, is a way that agencies have been able to increase structure and workflow within the creative process.  A strong understanding the tools, methods, and systems are essential to developing an agency’s successful creative operations system.



Today’s Retailers must maintain brand recognition across multiple platforms: web, print, television, outdoor. With such extensive reach comes the need for consistent and accessible brand assets. Being sure that relevant images, videos, and product details are tagged with the proper user and access rights is central in maintaining brand consistency. Controlled access from digital asset management systems and a clear understanding of rights management provides the brand security retailers require.

College Campus


Educational facilities are teeming with digital assets being used and reused numerous times by staff, students, and researchers.  Understanding what is required to manage assets, as well as implementing a management process, is essential to an Academic institute's resilience in the digital age.

Volunteer Group

Not for Profit

Compared to their for-profit counterparts, not for profit organizations can be hindered by smaller budgets and fewer resources. But not for profits often find themselves producing more digital media than others! By implementing processes and systems that assist in digital media management, not for profit organizations can reduce wasted time and money – both resources that can be in short supply.

Church Aisles

House of Worship

Digital media has become essential in the House of Worship community.  Traditional broadcast as well as digital video are key methods of reaching out to followers who cannot attend in person.  Whether live streaming or providing on-demand content, digital media promotes ministry outreach and growth.  Managing an ever growing library of media assets is imperative in the digital age.



Digital assets are key to marketing in the Travel and Tourism industry. Beautiful, high-quality images and videos exhibited on the right platform (web, television, print, outdoors) can influence consumer choices. Tourism boards, travel agents, and online booking sites rely heavily on their digital marketing collateral. Utilizing a digital asset management system, as well as properly implementing the chosen system, can increase accessibility and maintenance of marketing assets, while also ensuring that rights associated with each asset are adhered to.

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